The E3 Difference

E3 provides financial management services and solutions that help federal agencies implement systems, processes, data collection methods, analysis, audit and validation procedures, and internal controls. This helps ensure that the financial information collected and reported is accurate, complete, and timely. E3 works at the crossroads of financial management and shared systems transformation, and we understand the demand for federal agencies to provide greater transparency, reporting capabilities, and financial accountability. Fiscal constraints are here to stay, and the need for federal agencies to do more with far less has become the “new normal.” Effective financial management support is essential to ensure that agencies have the tools and data to measure program performance, reduce risk, and allocate resources where they are most needed to achieve mission goals.


E3 Expertise

We have supported numerous projects across different federal agencies and have specialized knowledge of many financial systems and tools:

  • Financial Management Support
    • Anti-Deficiency Act (ADA) Reviews
    • Accounting Record Maintenance
    • Budgetary Performance Analysis
    • Cost Modeling and Estimation
    • Cost Reimbursable (CPAF, CPIF, CPFF) Contract Management
    • External Audit and Internal Assessment Management
    • Financial Policy, Procedures, and Documentation
    • Financial Reporting
    • Program Management Support
    • Quality Assurance Review
  • Budget and Planning Support
    • A-123/Internal Controls and Compliance Support
    • Budget Planning, Programming, Management, and Execution
    • Enterprise Risk Management
    • Funding Plan and RAD Development
    • OMB Exhibit 300 and OMB Exhibit 53
    • Requirements Definition and Decomposition
  • Targeted Financial System Implementation Consulting
    • Business Analytical Support
    • Business Process Reengineering
    • Configuration Management
    • DATA Act Implementation
    • Data Migration Planning
    • Data Quality Validation and Reconciliation
    • Financial Business Solution Development and Support
    • Financial, Procurement, and Asset Management Shared Services Brokerage
    • System Testing and Evaluation


E3 Results

Transportation Security Administration

Overview: E3 supports nationwide programs that are critical to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mission and strategic plan. These programs acquire and deploy transportation security equipment to over 450 federalized airports across the United States. E3 assists with developing annual budget justifications, preparing acquisition documents required by Department of Homeland Security and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) directives, and a range of additional project management and reporting services. 

Result: E3 successfully justified the 2016 budget of a major TSA program, and achieved the highest business case score of any non-IT program within TSA, while also achieving similar scores for two other TSA programs. 


Around the Office

Things have evolved since I started at E3 five years ago. We have standard HR processes, a mentoring program, a newsletter, a blog, and even new management levels.
- Kristina O., Associate