The E3 Difference

Our facilities and engineering management (FEM) professionals offer a comprehensive range of specialized expertise for facility management PMOs in the federal environment. E3 does not build buildings or sell products; our facilities and construction experts perform an exclusively representative role – serving as the “owner’s voice in the field,” and providing sound advice free of ulterior motives and conflicts of interest. Our robust solution provides all necessary support functions including finance and accounting, budgeting, human resources, administration, IT, and more.


E3 Expertise

E3 brings a unique understanding of the FEM issues federal agencies face. We draw on our extensive experience with projects across the nation, working with complex, sometimes dangerous elements to help agencies meet challenges in the following areas:

  • Architecture/Engineering
  • Budgeting
  • Compliance
  • Environmental Issues
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Local Negotiation
  • Project Management Best Practices
  • Real Estate and Leasing
  • Security
  • Sustainability


E3 Results

Customs and Border Protection

Overview: E3 assists Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in its mission to secure U.S. borders while facilitating legal trade and travel. Our services include program management for construction, maintenance, and operations of border facilities, checkpoints, and other real property.

Result: E3 assisted CBP as part of a high-visibility, multi-agency response to large numbers of unaccompanied children crossing the U.S. southern border. This support included project management of the lease and highly accelerated refurbishment of a Texas facility to temporarily house over 1,000 children. The facility provided showers, restrooms, laundry, and storage and was completed within budget and on schedule in three weeks. E3 personnel received kudos for their support from leadership and personnel throughout CBP. 

Tactical Infrastructure Program Management Office (PMO)

Overview: Provides headquarters and field support for over 6.5 million square feet of real property, offering management oversight and reporting on planning, leasing, construction, and sustainment.

Result: Manages 68 contracts and the build-out of 19 projects valued at $80 million located in geographically dispersed locations throughout U.S. This includes construction management, energy management, architectural and engineering design services, establishment of facility and tactical infrastructure standards, historic preservation, and the program oversight, planning, and coordination of repairs and alterations to facilities and infrastructure.


Overview: E3 provides a wide range of technical, program management, and administrative services in support of the laboratories that serve as force multipliers to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) research and development mission. As part of this, E3 plays a vital role in the transition of infectious animal disease research from an aging facility on the east coast to a new state-of-the-art facility in Kansas, including policy development, budget formulation and execution, acquisition and procurement management, strategic communications, construction and infrastructure project management, and operational planning.

Result: E3 led efforts associated with an Office of National Laboratories (ONL) laboratory groundbreaking, providing project management, communications management, and logistical support for an event including a university president, the DHS Secretary and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary, and five members of the U.S. Congress. E3 has been recognized for excellence in our support for DHS Science and Technology (S&T) and ONL through multiple Under Secretary Awards with several members of our company receiving individual or team wide recognition.

Around the Office

I wanted to work for E3 because from the moment I walked through the door, I instantly got the feeling that I was joining a work family and not just accepting a job.
- Shakira M., Manager