Since our inception, E3 Federal Solutions has built our business practices and reputation on conducting ourselves in an ethical and honest manner. Our core values of Excellence, Accountability, Community, Humility, and Integrity (EACH-I)™ guide our internal operations and program/project execution. Each E3 employee has a responsibility to perform their daily activities in accordance with the company’s core values as expressed below.


From start to finish, we strive to deliver an extraordinary experience for our clients, partners, and employees. From our on-site engagements to our corporate support, the E3 experience delivers a mix of passion and excellence, which drives us to deliver superior results. 



In good times and in bad, we will always take responsibility for our actions. We will actively take ownership of all activities related to our goals and find solutions by leveraging the power of all E3 resources.



Internally, we will always value our employee relationships. We will continuously strive to strengthen the E3 family and will seek out opportunities to help our colleagues in need. Externally, we will always remember those less fortunate and we will give back to our community. We will always strive to pay it forward. 



From our earliest beginning, we have delivered exceptional results without seeking the spotlight. The results of our work stand on their own and showcase both our commitment to excellence and the deep respect we hold for our colleagues, partners, and clients. 



We will always strive to do the right thing even when no one is watching. Trust is gained through our actions, so when we say we will do something, we do it, every time.   

Around the Office

As E3 employees, we work hard, but we enjoy a work-life balance that allows us to “play” hard, too! We respect each other and truly enjoy being around each other.
- Beth M., Associate