Contract Number: HSCG23-13-D-ATB045

Period of Performance: 12/31/2012 – 12/30/2017

Available To: All DHS components

Description of Services: Examples of these services include, but are not limited to:

  • Analytics / Web-based Reporting Support
  • Budget Execution Support
  • Budgeting and Programming Support
  • Business and Financial Management Support, including Audit and Systems Support
  • Business Case Development Support
  • Business Intelligence Support
  • Capital Planning Support
  • Lifecycle Cost Estimating and Analysis Support
  • Data Integration Support DHS Project Reporting Support
  • Earned Value Management Support
  • Financial Management, Execution, Validation, and Reporting Support
  • Internal Controls Support
  • Strategic, Operational, and Transactional Metric Development Support
  • Studies and Analyses Related to Business, Financial Management, and Audit Services, Including Cost Benefit Analyses

E3 leads a diverse team of proven and trusted small, mid, and large size businesses, as well as two universities and a premier DHS testing and research lab. Team E3 represents every major DHS Component and meets every DHS Socio-economic goal. Our academia partners infuse innovation, technology, and research, while our small and mid-size partners bring niche expertise in a wide range of Domain 2 disciplines.

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Around the Office

We strive for excellence at E3, and I’d say we do a pretty fantastic job achieving it.
- Carrie J., Senior Analyst