The E3 Difference

In times of constrained budgets, acquisition programs can play an important part in driving down the overall cost of business for federal missions. E3 addresses these challenges with our distinctive multi-disciplined team of seasoned acquisitions experts, our Capabilities Gap Assessment (C-GAP) Methodology, and our unique E3 ALM Procurement Methodology. We have a thorough knowledge of the acquisition process and have honed our skill set to leverage budgets, yielding the best results from available resources. We provide detailed management objectives to facilitate the completion of programs on time, within scope, and within budget.


E3 Expertise

E3 brings a full breadth of knowledge and experience, from developing acquisition policies and strategies, mission requirements and initial concepts, to supporting large and small acquisitions across the federal government, streamlining procurement processes, or training acquisition professionals. We offer Acquisition Management solutions and expertise across the entire acquisition lifecycle from planning through contract closeout:

  • E3 Capability Gap (C-GAP) Methodology 
    • Provides structured decision-making using a risk-based, data-driven, analytical approach
    • Aligns strategic priorities with the greatest value solutions for federal clients
    • Helps customers clarify mission needs, identify capability gaps, and support development of strategic initiatives
    • Closes gaps through prioritized and targeted changes in organization, human capital, process, or technology
    • Mission Needs Statement (MNS)
    • Concept of Operations (CONOPS)
    • Capability Development Plans (CDP)
    • Life Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE)
    • Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
    • Operational Requirements Documentation (ORD)
    • Acquisition Plans (AP)
  • E3 ALM Procurement Methodology
    • Uniquely integrates project management disciplines with financial management, performance management, quality assurance, and training for unparalleled acquisition management
    • Helps customers define and manage the goals, requirements, timelines, risks, and interdependencies associated with an individual acquisition
    • Provides cost-effective support that increases output while reducing redundancies, inefficiencies, and overspending
    • Supports all phases of acquistions lifecycle including pre-award, post award, and close out


  • Perform Market Research
  • Gather Requirements
  • Support Industry Outreach
  • Draft Plans, PRs, RFQ, CLINs, SLAs, Appedices
  • Q&As and Revisions
  • Analyze Cost/Price Realism/Reasonableness
  • Develop Source Selection Evaluation Plans

Post-Award/Contract Admin

  • Manage Contracts/Interagency Agreements
  • Acquisition Budget Formation
  • Q/A Review Travel and Purchase Req.
  • Review Contractor Invoices and IAA IPACS
  • Report Cost Variances
  • Project Burn Rates
  • Manage ULO Balances
  • Manage Lines of Accounting
  • Monitor and Report Performance Metrics


  • Reconcile Funds and Balances
  • Verify Deliverable Acceptance
  • Obtain Release Statements
  • Develop Closeout Package
  • Coordinate with DCAA, CO, FSC
  • Return Funds/Close IA
  • Develop Source Selection Evaluation Plans

E3 Results

Department of Homeland Security(DHS)/General Services Administration (GSA)

Overview: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the General Services Administration (GSA) administer a multi-billion dollar master contract which collects best-in-class cybersecurity products and vendors, providing government agencies “one-stop” access to these resources at prenegotiated, highly competitive prices. The program promotes common cybersecurity standards across the government as well as faster use of the latest technology. 

Result:  E3 supports the maturation and execution of this high-volume, high-complexity contract, which involves over 150 industry partners, over 10,000 products, and two dozen discount bands. E3 assisted with database macros and template revisions which have dramatically reduced error rates in price submissions and reduced review time on vendor submissions from a forecasted 20 days down to five.  

U.S. Census

Overview: E3 assisted with acquisition strategy and market research for the U.S. Census, aiming to consolidate current contracts under a single contract vehicle to create cost-savings and streamline communications channels. 

Result: E3 developed a plan to consolidate 13 contracts approaching recompete into five under a single cost-effective vehicle. The plan realized immediate cost savings, in that the first contract under the new vehicle was awarded for approximately $8,000,000 less than the agency originally anticipated. 


Around the Office

Everyone that I interact with has a genuineness about them. It’s a unique characteristic that permeates the company, and something I truly appreciate.
- Kristopher B., Senior Associate